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Hospital Security Systems

Medical & Healthcare

Hospital Security Systems

Medical & Healthcare

Ensuring the health and security of patients with highly-available, integrated hospital security systems.

Today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment requires a security provider who has the IT know-how, technical experience, and regulatory knowledge to provide high performing, network-based physical security systems.

As the physical security integrator of choice for many of the region’s most sophisticated medical facilities, we understand the growing challenges facing healthcare providers today. When it comes to regulatory compliance, patient privacy, electronic medical records, and increased wireless access, we are a trusted partner for healthcare providers on the leading edge of technology and security.

Hospital Security Solutions

Case Studies

Medical and healthcare providers trust Inteconnex to design and install comprehensive physical security systems that keep their medical facilities safe and secure, so they can focus on patient care.

"Working with Inteconnex staff—they are always readily available. They are my first call when I need something or need technical expertise. They do a great job of taking care of us and have helped advise on the growth of our system. Now on the camera side, we have over 500 cameras—we have experienced substantial growth since we’ve started working with Inteconnex and they have helped us navigate it successfully."
Steve Cusher

Regional Director of Facilities Operations, Allen Hospital