Bank Security System Case Study

Omaha Police Federal Credit Union

Using a hybrid of new security technology and existing equipment, Inteconnex implemented a customized bank security system for the Omaha Police Federal Credit Union. The updated infrastructure included an advanced, high definition video surveillance system to improve compliance and better serve their customers.


The Omaha Police Federal Credit Union (OPFCU) has served the police protection industry for over 52 years. The institution has two branches and 16 employees and strives to meet the needs of its members by providing personalized service through sound financial management and high quality products.


Inteconnex completed the implementation of an advanced high definition video surveillance system for the Omaha Police Federal Credit Union, replacing their outdated legacy CCTV system.  Throughout this project, Inteconnex worked closely with OPFCU to leverage existing equipment investments where feasible and implement new leading technology where necessary. This resulted in a customized, hybrid security solution that has helped OPFCU with compliance and serving customers.

Products & Services

High Definition Video Surveillance Software

Using Avigilon ACC Enterprise, Inteconnex provided OPFCU with leading HD megapixel camera technology and high definition stream management resulting in the following benefits:

  • Hardware & software expense reduction
  • Minimized cost by leveraging existing security investments
  • System performance improvement
  • Reduced investigation times
High Definition Hybrid Recording Solution

Inteconnex installed an Avigilon Control Center High Definition NVR to capture OPFCU’s critical surveillance video. This enterprise class hardware ensures maximum reliability and quality.

This scalable solution provides:

  • Redundancy and failover capabilities
  • Disaster recovery
  • System performance improvement
  • Floor space reduction
  • Non-Proprietary hardware
  • Critical systems power protection
Hybrid Surveillance Coverage Plan

Inteconnex evaluated OPFCU’s current surveillance system and leveraged existing equipment and technologies and made strategic upgrades where the most benefit would be derived maximizing analog, IP and megapixel utilization.

This innovative approach:

  • Reused existing analog cameras converted to IP to leverage past investments
  • Repositioned and added cameras to obtain better coverage
  • Replaced many antiquated cameras with newer technologies
  • Utilized megapixel technology to obtain evidentiary quality video

With clients such as OPFCU, Inteconnex marries high quality equipment from leading manufacturer partners with its engineering expertise and second-to-none customer support to implement tailored security solutions that meet customer needs.

About Inteconnex

Inteconnex is the Midwest’s leading physical security integrator. The company designs and installs comprehensive security environments with customized and fully-networked capability. The highly trained staff at Inteconnex has roots in information technology, providing customers with unrivaled technical expertise, service and the highest performing systems for today’s increasingly complex and networked world of advanced physical security.