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Protect Your Industrial Operations

Security Systems for Industrial and Enterprise

Monitor manufacturing processes and improve business efficiency with a security system tailored to your industrial or enterprise facility.

When Physical Security is Mission Critical

Physical security is about more than protecting assets, it’s about protecting your business. In the dynamic landscape of industrial, manufacturing, utilities, and enterprise facilities, the challenges surrounding physical security are multifaceted and demanding. These environments contend with the threat of unauthorized access, inventory losses caused by theft, espionage, worker safety, and regulatory compliance. The scale and complexity of these facilities necessitate a comprehensive security strategy that goes beyond traditional measures.

At Inteconnex, we customize a solution that meets your unique security needs, whether it’s securing a power plant, water treatment facility, warehouse, or data center. With an integrated security system, you can monitor worker safety and efficiency to improve your business operations, control authorized access to the premises, and remotely manage multiple locations. Our expertise ensures that industrial and manufacturing customers not only meet regulatory compliance but also gain peace of mind, knowing that their assets, intellectual property, and people are safeguarded with precision and reliability.

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Inteconnex Advantages

Why Work With Us?

From cutting-edge access control technologies to advanced video surveillance systems, we ensure the safety of your assets, personnel, and intellectual property. Our team of security experts is highly experienced in designing and installing robust security solutions for industrial facilities that seamlessly integrate with existing operations, providing a holistic defense against potential threats.

Superior Engineering and Technical Expertise
All of our technical staff have degrees and certifications in electronics or computer technology, combined with proven expertise in an array of technology infrastructure and managed services.

Open Architecture
Because our solutions are non-proprietary, hospitals can leverage existing devices and invest in system expansion without being locked into a specific manufacturer or service provider.

Innovative and Reliable Products
We monitor the fast-evolving landscape of security-related products to offer the best equipment to our customers. Our high-quality products ensure system reliability, ease-of-use, and evidentiary quality video, in order to improve security performance and reduce liability.

Best-In-Class Customer Support
We provide 24/7 availability for problem-solving and support from the technical experts that know our customer’s systems. With several offices in Iowa and Nebraska, we’re able to quickly and efficiently provide service, onsite and remotely.

"Using their expertise and creativity, they were able to come up with various components to put together a system that works in our remote, rugged environment and yet provides the quality of video that we need to pursue legal action."
Willa DiCostanzo, Waste Diversion Coordinator

City of Lincoln Solid Waste Management

Experts in industrial security systems

Industrial and Enterprise Case Studies

Our security solutions for manufacturing, industrial, and enterprise customers have created safer environments for workers and protected business operations for our customers. Read our case studies to understand the impact.

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Ready to step up your security?

Improve Your Operations and Protect Your Business

From initial assessment, to design, installation, and end-user training, our team will work with you to implement a security system customized for your needs. We offer FREE security assessments and product demonstrations, providing equipment and system recommendations on how to improve your current physical security infrastructure. Give us a call or fill out the form to get started today!

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