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Commercial Security Solutions

Industrial & Enterprise

Commercial Security Solutions

Industrial & Enterprise

When network and physical security is mission critical, turn to Inteconnex for a reliable, cost-effective industrial facility security system.

Having served many enterprise, manufacturing, and industrial clients, Inteconnex understands that physical security and IT network design is about more than protecting assets: it’s about protecting your business.

Our physical security and IT expertise allows us to optimize the convergence between physical security and IT that is required to build high availability security infrastructures. And when smart networked physical security systems are designed up front, costs of management go down, and return on investment goes up.

Security Systems for Industrial & Enterprise Facilities

Case Studies

When our customers needed an industrial facility security system, they contacted Inteconnex to provide integrated physical security and IT solutions that fit their budget and met their security needs.

"The success of our business is wholly tied to how Inteconnex services us—their knowledge and expertise led to a game-changing business model that has allowed our product to scale and expand with our customer base."
John Miller

President & CEO, Credit Bureau Mortgage Services