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Security Technology Services

Wired & Wireless Networks

With roots in information technology system design and implementation, Inteconnex has the expertise to offer a wide range of security technology services, including wireless networks, network security, cloud based applications and much more.

Network Communications

WAN Connectivity

We deliver network connectivity solutions by leveraging relationships with several national Tier 1 carrier providers. Inteconnex’s expertise with voice, video, data and data center systems provides customized WAN solutions for each of our customer’s specific needs.

LAN Connectivity

Inteconnex supplies network architecture, deployment and long-term support of customers centered around industry-leading switch, router, wireless LAN and firewall manufacturers. Inteconnex’s innovative solutions provide our customers with network flexibility, performance and security that they require to respond to today’s business challenges.

Data Storage

On-Premise Storage Solutions

We offer enterprise-level data storage solutions built around industry-leading manufacturers and standards. By providing unmatched storage consolidation solutions we are able to simplify IT infrastructures, reduce costs, and improve network performance.

Cloud Storage Solutions

We have established partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers to deliver enterprise-level data storage solutions to our SMB customer base. Since customers only pay for the storage they actually use, they reduce IT and hosting costs and are well-positioned to expand as their specific business demands dictate.


On-Premise Servers/Virtual Servers

Inteconnex provides premises-based virtual server solutions supplying customers with consolidated server solutions focusing server resources where they are most critical-improving server performance while eliminating cost and complexity in today’s changing environment.

Hosted Servers/Virtual Servers

Inteconnex supplies our customers with hosted, consolidated virtual server solutions that provide enterprise-level services at a scalable, cost-effective and manageable SMB price level. Our use-cost approach allows customers to expand services at the time they are required-reducing capital equipment expenses and providing solutions built around a company’s specific needs.

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