Physical Security Products

Access Control Systems

Physical Security Products

Access Control Systems

We provide a wide range of commercial access control technologies, including traditional card readers and keypads to biometrics, facial recognition and temperature screening.

On-Premise Access Control Systems

Our commercial access control systems manage and record personnel access to facility entrances, secure building areas, offices, and data centers. From electronic key fobs and identity cards to biometrics, we design and implement network-based access control systems using IP edge devices—providing our customers with unparalleled security, based on electronic credential identification.

  • Secure facility entrances and areas within the facility
  • Record who entered the facility and the time they entered
  • Schedule when doors lock and unlock

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Cloud-based facility access control systems through our SAS70 compliant data center make it easier than ever to control and monitor building access. Access credential identification and access history data are stored off-site in a secure and controlled environment; while facility access credentials are downloaded and stored locally to enable secure door operation without connectivity to the administrative software.

  • Eliminate on-premise servers and software applications
  • Secure and redundant cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce cost for equipment, maintenance and service
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    Commercial Access Control Partners

    Our Suppliers

    Access Control & Video Surveillance for Manufacturing Facility

    Case Study: Serpentix

    Inteconnex worked with Serpentix, an industrial equipment supplier in Colorado,  on installing a commercial access control system and 15 Avigilon cameras, including several multi-sensor cameras, to create a safer environment for their employees.

    "They actually were the ones to bring up card access—they asked what my goals were, toured the facility and gave me diagrams with recommendations on where cameras should be placed throughout the facility. They were thorough about their products and understood what we wanted to accomplish while making it affordable and allowing me to do what I could on my end to cut expenses...It was more of a partnership."
    Robert Nusz

    President & Owner, Serpentix