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Integrated Security Systems for Business

Products & Services

Integrated Security Systems for Business

Products & Services

Reliable Physical Security Products

Our high performance security environments come with a lower cost of ownership.

Our roots and expertise in IT help us deliver innovative and customized security systems for your business or organization. Our high performing security products reduce downtime, provide evidentiary-level quality incident capture, allow remote monitoring, and ultimately do what’s most important: Improve your security outcomes while reducing your management time and lowering your cost of ownership.

Video Surveillance Systems

Inteconnex designs and implements high-definition video surveillance systems and is a pioneer in the use of video analytics and artificial intelligence.

Access Control Systems

We provide a wide range of access control technologies including traditional card readers and keypads to biometrics, facial recognition and temperature screening.

Intrusion & Alarm Systems

Inteconnex’s intelligent intrusion detection and alarm systems enable rapid response to real security threats while ignoring common sources for false alarms.

Wireless Locking Systems

A wireless locking system is a scalable, cost-effective access control solution for offices, dorms, hospitals, multi-family homes, and more.

Security Systems Integration

Our software engineers and network architects are able to create integrations between systems to improve the efficiency and response time for physical security operations.

Wired & Wireless Networks

With roots in information technology system design and implementation, Inteconnex has the expertise to implement a wide range of information technology systems including wireless networks, network security, cloud based applications and much more.